The Artist as Dreamer

Artists tend to have deep feelings about the world and their lives. They use those feelings in their compositions and performance. The beauty of this is a unique representation to the world that is not like any other artist. Their dreams fuel their work and give it subtle nuances that make it work for them.

I focus on helping the artist use these feelings and dreams in their work. We work together to bring out their uniqueness and their essential personhood. We all have artists that we love and there is something about them that resonates with an audience. Not everyone likes one artist. It is like every other art form. If the singer speaks to you, so be it.

Many artists think that they must appeal to everyone but that negates what they bring to their work that is unique. They will find an audience that likes what they have to say. That is why there are so many different styles of music for the world to enjoy.

Be yourself, be authentic and do your work from there.