One Voice Singing


Why does Singing seem so Complicated?

It is not; in fact it is more natural to sing than to talk as evidenced by young children. Before children learn to talk, they sing with great freedom and ease. Although much of the wording is nonsensical, they wander across pitches and intervals without training of any kind.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that what was once easy and simple only becomes complicated with the addition of outside commentary from the world at large. This is a sad statement about adult judgment of good singing, most vocal teachers being the worst perpetrators.

Singing is natural.

Let me say it again: singing is the most natural thing you can do … and yet 90% of the population thinks they can’t sing or don’t sing well enough.

How does that happen?

Let’s go way back to childhood, even prior to school days. A ‘loving’ family member may hear one of the children sing and make a comment such as ‘Oh honey, why don’t you go play with your tractor, singing is for girls’ or ‘Gee sweetie, your aunt was such a good singer, maybe she can teach you how to sing?’

I am not kidding; those and many worse comments are directed at children every day.

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